TechUp, 2024. Live in Port Harcourt.
The TechUp Port Harcourt, is Port Harcourt’s Biggest Tech event. It is an all-inclusive event designed to help foster collaboration amongst players and intending players in the tech ecosystem, enhance partnership between tech ecosystem and other industries, expose young people to opportunities in Tech space and enable businesses leverage technology for growth.

The ultimate goal is to create a more result-oriented Tech ecosystem that will provide valuable solutions, attract investors and partners, encourage women's participation in tech, create jobs, enhance visibility, drive growth and boost the economy.

Over the years the event has also created a platform for young people to get unto the spotlight and get discovered.
TechUp Port-Harcourt
Every year TechUp Port Harcourt offers amazing experiences and memories. This year's edition will be the best TechUp Port Harcourt yet.
Here are some reasons why you should attend.
Collaboration For Growth
The event helps to set up a practical and measurable roadmap for collaborators. The event serves as a platform that connects different levels of players and stimulates conversations and initiatives that births Collaboration.
Learn The Business of Tech
Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the business of Tech. They will learn how to build a business around their tech skills, passion, and products. Tech startups will gain basic business development knowledge to help scale and grow their product. Being a developer isn't enough. Owning a Tech-Hub is not enough. You need to know the business.
Find A Co-Founder
Are you a technical or non-technical co-founder? TechUp Port Harcourt provides participants the opportunity to find a co-founder. It, therefore, provides a level playing ground for playing to find the right kind of individuals they desire to bring their ideas to life.
Connect With Investors
At TechUp Port Harcourt, participants will have the opportunity to learn the best way to attract investors. The event will also provide them with a platform to connect with investors, share elevator pitches with angel investors, etc.
Grow Your Network
The TechUp Port Harcourt event will provide you with a perfect opportunity to network with lots of players in the tech ecosystem and beyond. At the event, you will meet and connect with like minds and geniuses from various areas of human endeavors especially, the Technology industry
Showcase your brand/products
Of course, the event will provide participants and partners the opportunity to showcase their products to hundreds of attendees, investors, and potential partners. The event will provide you with a safe space to generate hundreds of leads, increase sales/users, get feedback, and intern marketers.
Close Deals and Earn
TechUp Port Harcourt provides techies the opportunity to sell their skills and show what they've done and what they are capable of doing through exhibitions, presentations, and active participation during the program. The event will enhance their profile visibility and attract high-paying clients to them.
Learn, Unlearn and Relearn
On the whole, this event creates an avenue for participants to learn new things, unlearn outdated stuff and relearn things to enhance their growth. Valuable knowledge is shared at the event, especially through the speakers, panel session, Open-Mic Segment, stories shared by participants and brands, etc
Get equipped, Get Empowered
How do you kick-start your tech career? What do you need to boost your tech career to the next level? How much do you know about the legalities involved in TechBiz? How much do you know about insurance? More specifically, how much do you know about several policies, licensing, and programs affecting technology, techies, and startups? Participants have the opportunity to get equipped with priceless information they need to move forward.
TechUp PortHarcourt In Numbers
Stats that will shape the TechUp-PH in 2024
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The Theme of this year's TechUp PortHarcourt is Tech to innovate; Build to sustain

Tech To Innovate: Unleashing the Power of Technological Ingenuity
In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the fourth edition of TechUp Port Harcourt embraces the theme "Tech To Innovate." This theme underscores the pivotal role that technology plays in driving innovation across various sectors. The event will delve into the exploration of cutting-edge technologies and their transformative potential in shaping the future.
Build To Sustain: Nurturing Scalable Solutions for Long-Term Impact
The second sub-heading of the theme "Build To Sustain" underscores the importance of not only creating innovative solutions but also ensuring their longevity and positive impact on society. This aspect of the event will focus on strategies and approaches for building and sustaining tech solutions.
Meet Our Speakers
At TechUp PH we will feature Founders, Experts, Techpreneurs, Investors and Experienced Techies at the event.
We know you can't wait to meet them, we'll unveil them very soon.
Manis Balakrishnan
Fenibo Fubara
Manis Balakrishnan
Precious Chukwundah
CEO, Chigisoft
Manis Balakrishnan
Oséyómón Ighódálóh
CEO, bamboo Group
Manis Balakrishnan
Godwin Jimmy Akpabio
COO, Dantown
Manis Balakrishnan
Kenneth Nwokoro
COO; Spital Labs & Convener, Mind the Gap (MTG) Tech Initiative
Manis Balakrishnan
Ndume Green
CEO Capital TV Nigeria
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Techrammy Awards
Celebrating Tech-Drivers
Techrammy is Port Harcourt’s largest annual Tech awards event. It is he Grammy awards for those in the tech ecosystem in Port Harcourt. The award which is a brainchaild of Harvoxx Tech Hub, is design to recognize people/products/companies working so hard to grow the tech ecosystem, increase awareness about enormous benefit in tech and encourage others to build a sucessful tech career.
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